Foods To Eat

What Foods Can I eat on the GM Diet

Fresh fruit and vegetables as the GM Diet plan for each day indicates for day 1 – day 4. Meat or meat substitutes for vegetarians as listed on days 5-6. Then fruit and vegetables combination on day 7. See the quick overview of 7 day GM Diet plan here.  There are certain foods you cannot eat each day, these foods are listed on the Foods to Avoid page.

What foods can I swap on the GM Diet

Are you wondering what foods you can eat on the GM diet as in which ones you can swap out to suit your own dietary requirements. There are a few substitutions you can consider on the GM Diet, remember the substituted food must contain the similar number of calories and nutrients.

Food swaps:

You can substitute regular milk for soy or almond milk, figs for bananas, beef for chicken or fish, beef with cottage cheese or brown rice depending if you are vegetarian or vegan. There is no real swap alternative to tomatoes as it is a critical part of the diet diet.

Can I have Tea or Coffee on the GM Diet?

No,  you should have tea and coffee on the GM Diet, we recommend you try to do the diet without tea or coffee. If,  however, you cannot go without either to get through your week we recommend the following. Green tea or black coffee no sugar or sweeteners.

green tea on gm diet                                       black coffee gm diet