GM Diet 

Can I have Tea or Coffee while on the GM diet?

For the best results it is advised to not drink teak or coffee on the GM Diet, however if you need it drink green tea and black coffee.

Can I have alcohol on the GM diet?

No, you cannot have any alcohol on the GM diet.

What days can we have the GM Diet wonder soup or cabbage soup?

You can have the GM diet soup or cabbage soup whenever you feel hungry on the GM diet. If you feel hungry have some soup, some people have experienced better results when eating the soup. Never go hungry on this diet.

I am vegetarian what can I have instead of meat on the GM Diet.

Recommendation on the various versions of the GM diet suggest brown rice or cottage cheese as the substitute for meat on day 5 and day 6 of the GM diet.

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How many bananas should I eat on day 4 of GM Diet?

You can eat  6 small or 4 normal size bananas on day 4 of the GM Diet? We also recommend having some bananas as a smoothie with the milk and ice for a delicious snack. Remember, it is not unlimited bananas.

Can I eat bread and cereal on the GM Diet?

No, although not exactly stated wheat is removed from the GM diet altogether making it also a gluten free diet.

Can I have honey and lemon water in the morning?

Yes you can have lemon or lime in your water in the morning, however honey is not permitted on the GM diet.

Can we add salt, pepper and other spices to our foods?

Yes, you can add spices to your food for flavoring however I would use sea salt instead of processed salt and only in small amounts or not at all if you can go without.

Can I use oil to cook the vegetables and meat?

Yes, you can coconut oil or virgin olive oil is recommended however only in small portions.

Can we have dry fruit and nuts if hungry?

No, dried fruits are high in calories and nuts are specifically not allowed during the GM Diet. See here for foods not allowed on the GM Diet.

Will I gain weight back once I complete the GM diet?

Yes, if you start eating unhealthy meals after completing the GM diet than you will gradually start to gain weight. The GM diet is design to give you a kick start in the right direction and incentives to continue with a healthy lifestyle once finished. Therefore, if you continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly there is no reason why the weight should return. However, if you have an underlying health problem for example an under active thyroid it is possible the weight will return. Also, if you start eating unhealthy food straight after and consuming alcohol and do not do any exercise the weight you lost will probably come back.

Can I repeat the GM diet continuously? How many days should I wait before starting the GM diet again?

No you should not do the GM diet continuously. It is designed to assist in rapid weight loss but not designed as on ongoing diet. It is recommended to wait at least 7 days before starting again. Always remember to try to keep up a healthy eating plan and exercise even when not doing this diet.

I am diabetic can I follow the GM diet?

No! Anyone with an existing medical condition be it diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure or any chronic ongoing medical condition should not follow this diet. It is important to seek the advice of a medical practioner before starting any type of diet.

Will the GM diet reduce my belly fat?

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No. Completing the GM diet if strictly adhered to you will achieve weight loss gain. However, it cannot be proven exactly which areas the weight loss will come from. Therefore, the GM diet is not specifically designed to removed belly fat. However, general size measurement reduction has been reported by others who have completed this diet. It is recommended that you also implement an exercise plan in the future for your specific body goals.


What should I eating after completing the GM diet?

It is always important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat balanced meals. Therefore after completing the GM diet try to eat balanced meals regularly throughout the day. Eat from the recommended food groups and the correct amount of calories for your height and weight to maintain your new weight goal. It is important not slip into eating foods  that are processed or full of saturated fats. Try to reduce your gluten and alcohol intake and keep up with the fresh fruit and veggies. Balance is the key here. If you are unsure you can always visit a dietitian who can assist you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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