Why GM Diet Online

Hi my name is Brianna Dalziel. I had gained 10 pounds from a sedentary lifestyle sitting around watching TV and stopped going to gym from being too busy at work. This weight was gained in a short period of time of only a year. My clothes had started to feel uncomfortable and I became self conscious when I would see photos of me at family outings or with my partner but needed a kick start to get on the right path again health wise.

Therefore when a girlfriend mentioned to me the GM Diet 7 day plan and that she was going to start it, I decided I would join her as it was just the right kind of motivation that I needed. Having a support friend was excellent, we would share texts about how we were feeling from the changes in our diet and swapped foodie pics of what meals we were eating.

Some days were not easy as others, for example Day 1 and Day 4 were easy for me however I found Day 5 on the GM Diet difficult. I am vegetarian and just eating brown rice and tomatoes was very tough. Where as my friend felt relief to finally being allowed to consume meat on this day. I also did not know you could eat the GM Diet Wonder soup if you felt hungry until the 5th day of the GM diet, which is when I actually made a batch for myself.

I decided to take my measurements at the start and weigh myself and record a bar chart that I would color in each morning to visually realize my progress. My starting weight was 70kg, my goal weight is 62kg, on the GM Diet 7 day plan  I lost 3.9 kilos taking me down to 66.1kg after 7 days.

During that time I did actually  break the diet twice as I had a birthday party (carrot cake) to attend to and a group dinner another time so I did the best healthy choice selection for my meals ( veggie lasagna) as I could on those occasions. Imagine what I would have achieved had I been completely strict and stuck to the GM diet in it’s entirety.

I was so excited at the result at the end of the diet that I decided I would share the GM Diet online so that others like me would also find that kick start to get back on track with their health, diet and exercise. I really hope you find the website useful and easy to find the information you are looking for. Please feel free to share the GM Diet online with as many people as you feel would also benefit from participating in the GM Diet 7 day plan.

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