7 day GM Diet plan

The GM Diet in a nutshell.

What foods you can eat over the 7 days on the GM Diet plan. We will quickly outline the GM Diet plan for you. We have more details provided within our website to guide you with the full GM Diet plan. So simply put is it this:

GM Diet Day 1: Any fresh fruit and lots of water (no bananas)

GM Diet Day 2: All fresh vegetables and plenty of water (no potatoes, peas and corn)

GM Diet Day 3: Combination of any fruit and vegetables and lots of water ( no bananas no potatoes)

GM Diet Day 4:  6 bananas and milk and plenty of water (yes that is it) (soy or almond milk for vegan/vegetarians)

GM Diet Day 5: Two @ 200g servings of lean beef, chicken or fish and up to six tomatoes. ( brown rice for vegetarians) plenty of water

GM Diet Day 6: Two  @200g serves of lean beef, chicken or fish and unlimited amounts of vegetables. (brown rice or cottage cheese for vegans/vegetarians) plenty of water

GM Diet Day 7: Brown rice, fruit juice and unlimited amounts of fruits and vegetables and of course plenty of water

fresh orange and lemon juice on gm diet